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International customers receive one extra license to cover shipping cost.


Quick tool-P2 is the most powerful tool to reset EFI and iCloud password on the Mac. It requires connecting the tool to the logic board to set to factory default, each process takes about 15 seconds, if you are not an expert open the mac, we also provide send in service. Simply click repair service tab on the top corner and follow the instructions to send us the Mac.
This NEW generation tool can allow customer add license remotely, each refill will be 5 licenses incremental, the process will be send us the payment, we will send you license code, customer just need key in code to the tool.
Support Model:
2010-2017 All model (A1706-A1708 touch bar supported)
DOES NOT SUPPORT 2015/2016 iMAC due to connector was not installed on the logic board


License Refill:
if you have P1 or P2 tool, you can refill the license, after purchase refill the license, please send email to us, we will need tool serial number and refill sequence from you to generate the license. If you need more than 10 license, please send us email for price



source link Product below is the tool rental program, buyer will get $25 refund once return the tool in 30 days from purchase date, buyer pay return shipping, not suitable for international customer, when place the order, please select correct model, we will only ship with one adapter cable and main tool with 1 license only
quick tool final


Quick tool is the most powerful tool to reset EFI and iCloud password on the Mac. It requires connecting the tool to the logic board to set to factory default, each process takes about 15 seconds, if you are not an expert open the mac, we also provide send in service. Simply click repair service tab on the top corner and follow the instructions to send us the Mac.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SOIC clip for MacBook Pro EFI chip

Free US Shipping, No International Shipping

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EFI chip adapter for 2010-2014 MacBook Air, A1425 and A1502

Free US Shipping, No International Shipping


go EFI chip adapter for 2015-2017 MacBook Air, A1502 and A1398

Free US Shipping, No International Shipping


go site Macbook Keyboard Tester, User can test keyboard before installed in the housing


Free US Shipping, No International Shipping



234 thoughts on “Product

  1. Michael

    I have a 2012 retina MacBook Pro with locked firmware. I’m interested in trying your device for this repair. I own a computer repair business and see this issue all the time. I’d like to have a solution for customers. I’d like to give this a try. Please contact me and I’ll buy one to start with and see how it does.

    1. Chuko Umusu

      Can you ship to Johannesburg, South Africa? If I buy and pay using Paypal. Can you ship using FED EX or DHL?

  2. zach bethke

    I am interested in purchasing the tools required to remove the passwords off of 2012 A1278 pro 13″. Please email me or call me at 406-581-1758, I may be interested in other tools as well.


      1. luca

        Hello,I’m Luca and i have a store in Catania.
        Do you have special price for reseller ?
        Do you have a skype contact ?
        Bye and Thanks

  3. emanuel hernandez

    hey have the same problem bought a mac book pro off craigslist now stuck , email me at h.emanuel18@yahoo,com

  4. TimG


    Seems like a great service. What’s your turn around time for unlocking a Mac laptop via the repair service?

      1. TimG

        I can’t tell from the website; does the device just short out something or does it actually re-load something on the chip?

        What are the risks from a DIY perspective?

  5. FAB

    bonjour, je procède un MacBook Air de 2012
    A1466 bloqué EFI et Icloud .
    si je vous achète votre dispositif cela me certifie 100% le déblocage ?
    merci de votre réponse. fab

    Quick Tool
    1 License – $140.00 USD

  6. User

    Do you sell an edition of this that has unlimited licenses? And how does the license actually work on a usb device?

  7. I. Ummaz

    I want to buy this Quick tool .Can i also use it for the newer models (2011,2012,2013,2014) macbook pro and air

  8. Janne Nieminen


    I have MacBook Pro 15,4″ model# A1286 (mid 2012) and MacBook Pro 15,4″ model# A1286 (late 2011), both of them are now locked w/ EFI password. I would be able to unlock them w/ Quick Tool kit? And i would need two lisences? I’m from Finland, so apparently i’d get the two lisences automatically? How simple is this procedure, on the other one i can easily find the Atmel chip which holds the problem. But on the other one there’s no chip that says Atmel. After i have used the Quick Tool, does it erase the password for good, or can it apper again somehow?

  9. Charyak

    Is the tools come with manual? I can’t see from the videos where the clip orientation. Would it brick if I put the clip wrong way?

  10. imad

    i have a shop to repair phone

    can this tool unlock all mac model or only old model

    i am interested to buy 10 license if it work

    and can i pay with western union
    or only paypal thanks

  11. kubik b

    Hi. Great work! After you purchase the tool, is there any possibility to buy additional licenses for less money or do you need to buy all new hardware together with more licenses??

  12. crooklyn


    in the video i’m not sure but the tool is not all time similar ? is it normal ?
    the quick tool unlock all model efi firmware

    can you answer what is the license ?

    thank you very much

  13. Chris Hawaii

    Just wanted to say Thank You!
    Sent in my macbook pro retina logic board for EFI programming.
    Very prompt and fast shipping (Hawaii)

  14. Ruda

    Will this tool work on an iCloud locked macbook air with a wiped SSD? (question mark when trying to boot)

  15. jeziel.

    Hi I, need restart the EFI password for my
    MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)
    I’m in mexico, Do you make deliveries to mexico ?
    Which license should I buy?

  16. tanwir

    Hi, I need restart the EFI password for my
    MacBook Pro A1398 ,Early 2012
    I’m in indonesia, Do you make deliveries to indonesia ?


    i have a macbook pro i bought off of craigslist and when i connected it to the internet it locked the firmware and is asking me for a 4 digit pin, will this tool unlock this macbook?


    Dear Sir ,
    After payment done …what next ? where to let you know my name , address and contact ?

  19. Mirvari

    Hi, I own laptop MacBook Pro Retina EFI .Bios Password Have Tool Purchase .Which I need. Show How Much vehicles

  20. Paul

    Hi mate,

    I have a macbook pro and air both with efi passwords and additionally the possibility of icloud???.

    These were brought at a deceased estate both look good but sadly the passwords are gone with the pervious owner…Can you ship to new zealand?

    What kind of deal if I regularly buy?


  21. Aaron Nueman

    I bought a MacBook Pro from ebay, not sure about the model number or year but realized it’s locked and requesting for a 6 digit PIN for which I have no idea.. Will your quick tool work and also do you ship to Ghana?..

      1. Aaron Nueman

        Model # A1278 and it’s a MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2009.. Which tool will best work on my device and more importantly, do you ship to Ghana?..

  22. raphael aranha

    hi. i have a macbook pro 15” a1398. i know efi password but i dont know 4 digits icloud locked. with this product i can remove? u send tutorial together? im living in brazil. how long a time i need waiting for recieve?U can send with dhl shipping?

  23. David Cruces

    I need to unlock EFI and icloud account, but i need the usb tool in your video im not from US. how much it cost .


  24. Tarik Izheman

    My macbookpro with retina display med 2012, I need a EFI removal tool, how much is it..
    Please reply to my email address!


  25. le thiet

    I want to ask . this tool has limited the number of times to use?
    I am using the tools unlocked by usb but time is very long code detection 1-3 days and do so then my client will take a long time to wait (they do not like fins)
    I need buy tool unlock EFI – iclound all model macbook air -retina-pro-imac-mac mini . It can unlock fast ?
    you can sent price and instruction to

  26. Krim90

    Hello kadentechteam,
    Ive purchased a macbookpro retina with Model Nummer a1398, it is locked probably Firmware password.
    Which kit Do i need and i am located in Germany.

    Thanks krim90

    1. kadentech Post author

      We don’t sell 2015 tool to new customer, you will need purchase 2010-2014 tool first, or send logic board to us.

  27. RooDee

    Your quick tool is working with MacBook Pro 15 – retina – A1398 EMC 2881 mid 2014? EFI is locked. Will you send to europe (slovakia)?

  28. Baldwin

    My MacBook has a firmware lock. I want to try to fix it on my own, but I don’t want to risk any damage. How much is your send in service?

  29. G Snype From France

    I need to unlock my mac book pro EFI I also have 4 digits pin numbers to unlock .I live in France how much ? and is there any guaranty that I will receive my product ?

  30. oto

    How many times can I use this tool, I am a tech repair men, that work in site, and all the time I have to throw away this kind of service, my clients gets disappoint on me. The important is if this only for one service or?
    Please clarify this detail.
    thank you very much.

  31. Shoosh

    Hi I’ve got a MacBook Air 2012 a1466 EMC2559

    It’s got an EFI lock and I guess it’s from iCloud. The laptop has the option to type in uncountable characters which I’m guessing it isn’t just 04 numeric digit. Do you have a solution for that? Any tool I could buy from you? Thank you so much

  32. Andry

    Hello I have a MacBook Air 13” A1369 with the little padlock… I guess it has an EFI Firmware lock… What service should I use?? What’s the probability of success?? I live in Dominican Republic….

  33. Michael Olearnek

    I sent you an e-mail back in November. I have a 2015 A1398 that I need the EFI and iCloud passwords cleared on.

    I’m in Orange County, CA.

    Can you please let me know the cost of this service, the estimated turn-around time and shipping instructions?
    I’d like to ship the laptop to you for service.


  34. Prabhu

    On Your video the point were your connecting the red cable to reset is not clearly visible show me the exact contact point to reset password

  35. BrianL

    Hi does the 2010 – 2014 quick tool with 10 licenses include the clip & chip adapter for both Pro and Air ? or do I have to purchase additional hardware ?


  36. Aziz

    Hi I need to unlock the EFI password for my
    MacBook Pro A1502 (13-inch, Early 2015), locked with iCloud.
    I’m in Nigeria, Do you make deliveries to Nigeria? Will your device work for this model? And which device will I need?

  37. tkcell

    hello I need a tool to unlock macbook pro retina 2015 of 13 and 15, some have alphanumeric code. I wait your answer

  38. Yasser Abdulla

    Hi I have a 2015 MacBook Pro with retina 15 inch display when I boot it says try again in 60 minutes can I buy the 2015 quick tool will it work on 4 and 6 digits thank you

    1. kadentech Post author

      Yes, but must complete trouble shoot first, most time tool not working is due to not follow the instruction or use cheap battery

  39. tahsin

    I ordered a tool one week ago , i got it today(i live in sweden).my macbook pro was efi locked. your tool fixed it in 5 SECONDS ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  40. Dave Saldana

    Hello, i am interested in wholesale of this product as I run a cell phone and computer repair shop. Would you be able to offer me a better deal if i bought 50 license?

  41. Lalo landa

    Do you send it to Mexico? Can I pay with PayPal. ?
    It works on a MacBook pro 2015 A1278.
    I was trying to format and I erase all data on hdd but when I try to reinstall the original software the computer reboot and show a folder with ? Symbol.
    When I try to use cmd+r shows a padlock and an space for password. Can I use it to remove this padlock.?

  42. sohail iyas

    i have macbook pro A1286 and i think 2010 model it is asking for 6 digit passcode do your device work on it and how much time you need to send it to uk and price aswell please thanks

  43. abdelmonem awad

    hi i’m from UAE and i have macbook pro 2010 and macbook pro 2013 A1398 with efi lock , the price is including shipping or not to UAE

    1. kadentech Post author

      YES, sell one license only, first purchase is $140 with one license plus shipping, every license refill is $50
      send me email if interested

  44. Luca

    i have a Macbook 12″ early 2015 1,3 Ghz and would need a P1 tool shipped to Germany
    Please give me the total cost

    1. kadentech Post author

      A1534 tool only sell to existing customer, you will have to purchase at least 10 license on p1 tool first

  45. AndrewIT

    I have a problem with an MacBook Air 2014 with EFI lock.
    what tool did you suggest me? i must tell I am from Italy, did you sheep in ITALY?

  46. Juan Felipe Arboleda Tapias

    I have a problem with an MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch 2015
    what tool did you suggest me? i must tell I am from Colombia, did you sheep in Colombia?

  47. Spokf

    I’m from France, I have macbook pro retina a1502 early 2015 with EFI lock,
    Wich tool can I purchase to unlock it ?



    If i got this tools (NEW 2010-2015 Quick Tool-P1), How to charge new licenses ? it is via the tool or there’s another way to do it?

    Best Regards,

  49. Salman

    Does setting to factory default with the P1 quick tool means all the data on my Mac will be deleted?

    1. kadentech Post author

      No, the tool is reset logic board to factory default, the data in the hard drive remain no touched

  50. Richard Roth

    What programmer will the EFI chip adapter for 2015-2016 MacBook Air, A1502 and A1398 work with?

  51. Yves

    Hi, I live in Canada and have a MacBookPro 13″ (mi 2012) model A1278. What should I need to unlock the firmware password and how much it will cost?

  52. De Young

    Hi, got a macbook pro retina early 2013 model A1425. Which tool do i need and how much to ship to Miami, Florida, U.S

  53. ali mitre

    I have purchased the Quick Tool kit 2015-P1. but I did not how to use the MacBook 1534 cable gives me thank you photo

  54. Benz

    Hello, i have a 13″ Retina.
    I know the Efi Firmware Password but i dont know the 4 Digit pin.

    Can i delete it with the first tool?

  55. Davarrio Nieves

    I have a MacBook Pro 2011…A1278 non retina. It’s efi locked and firmware locked. What do I need to undo this issue?

  56. Ionut

    Hello can I buy only the clip/adapter piece that connects to A1534 logicboard. I don’t need the programmer. Thanks.

  57. Apple repair

    I just found out ghostly try to copy your tool , funny

    Too bad the post was removed not to expose the truth.
    JOHN STEAL. It was a long time to make it happen because there is no way to get it off the ground.
    The destroyer lite is going to stay as lite for ever because The GHOST or John Neal do not have any idea what to do other than copy other people’s work and make it look like he is doing the thing.
    The program in the destroyer was stolen thing as I asked him to do the encryption for the program. Later he started to say he turned it over to someone to work on it and cannot do it blur blur.
    A few month later the announcement came out as they made a tool to remove the lock.
    John Neal, If you are serious about making things admit what you were doing.
    You tried to steal Kadentech tool’s program and there is no way for you to bypass his encryptions so you were just stuck with the clips. Then I told you to work on the encryption to lock the programs and you thought you can become a millionaire. You said I will call you tomorrow while you are celebrating. I don’t care about money and things you do. It is human nature that you are not the ghost. You are the thief!
    If you an make a new tool with your own ability, please make one as we are launching another tool with only one tool to do all.
    If you can compete and steal our stuff again, you can be the super star. You steal and steal everyone’s stuff. You should change you name to “JOHN STEAL”
    WHY DON’T YOU ADMIT TO PEOPLE WHAT YOU GOT AND WHAT YOU KNOW. The clip was the clone of Kadentech clips and later you used the guys from Romania’s clips to clone. Now what was the language you used to program the unlocker? You don’t even know what was modified in the EFI firmware when it was locked or unlocked. You asked me like “Wow. Is that all? Only 3 lines modified?” Who ever think this guy is a smart ass I will bet if he can come up with a new tool while the EFI firmware are starting to shift the program. Let’s see when the locks are going to have double verification.
    I would call “JOHN STEAL” INSTEAD OF JOHN NEAL. I will show the screenshot of what you emailed me and let people find out. Then I will get some phone call from JOHN STEAL.

  58. Somporn

    Good date Kadentech
    I to buy sure >>
    2017 NEW RELEASE
    2010-2017 Quick Tool-P2
    But now i need to use money any pay
    I think About not more than 20 days.

  59. Somporn

    Hello friend
    I pay money give you and i waitting answer form you
    You can send to my email >>>

    Purchase order

    Transaction details
    Payment sent to ETrepair
    24 November 2017 at 13:43:04 GMT+7Transaction ID: 56S3560847645041T
    Payment status: COMPLETED
    Gross amount
    -$200.00 USD
    Shipping address

    somporn somjun
    46/1 m.4 t.meanam d.kohsamui P.suratthani
    suratthani, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS 84330
    Order details Quantity Price Subtotal
    2010-2017 Quick Tool-P2
    Quantity: QuickTool-P2-1 License –
    1 $140.00 USD


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